Utrecht Noire


Narrative design

Interactive walk

September 2020 School assignment (3 days) - Minor Interactive Narrative Design, interactive walk

This was a very short but fun project for which I did all the writing (in Dutch). For this assignment we had to make an interactive walk starting at the Mariaplaats in Utrecht using the Echoes app. On this location you will find an old nunnery with a beautiful garden behind it.

We made a murder mystery which we named: 'Utrecht Noire: Moord bij de Mariaplaats'

You can find it in the app by searching for Utrecht Noire or by clicking this link.

Made in collaboration with: Mahad Ali and Bas Röell.
Voice acting by: Simone Abbring and Bas Röell.
design document + script
Design document and script (in Dutch)
Cover image
Sound bubble locations