Tale of the headless giant

Game design


Team lead

Audio placement

November - December 2019 school project (4 weeks), game prototype

For this project we had to make a game that combines physical and digital space. Our starting point was that we wanted to work with asymmetric gameplay and asymmetric information. It was quickly decided the game should be multiplayer and that we would use VR.

In the four weeks we had we built a 2-player VR tower defense game that highly relied on communication and was fun to play. The game uses only one VR headset with two players. Player 1 is wearing the VR headset, player 2 is blindfolded and has two controllers in hand and two extra trackers attached to their ankles. The player that has vision, the commander, is on top of a high tower and sees enemies approach. This player has to tell the giant, the blindfolded player, where the enemies are so he can kick them and keep them away from the tower. During the game the tower takes damage when enemies attack it, when the tower breaks the game is over.

For this project I did the game design and balancing and looked for- and found sounds for the game on internet.

Game made in collaboration with: Marit de Lange, Annalie Bruns en Miranda Vollenberg (game artists) and Stijn van Deijzen (programmer).

One page design poster

Models, illustraties, textures en skybox door: Miranda Vollenberg, Marit de Lange en Annalie Bruns

Playtest progress poster: biggest issues en fixes

logo illustratie door Annalie Bruns