Space Squids: Race in Space

Game design

Team lead

Graphic design

Game jam: 48 hours

Global game jam 2020 - GGJ HKU audience award - January 2020

Theme: "Repair"

This jam started with an idea for a mechanic: throwing something from yourself away to be able to move forward. We wanted this game to be fun and stupid, something that you'd play at a party with friends.

Space Squids: Race in Space is a multiplayer racing game in space in which it is essential to repair yourself while racing by picking up tentacles that are on the racetrack. The player moves by shooting a tentacle away, when the player does this a tentacle detaches from their body which leaves a tentacle on the track. This also makes voor a very balanced catch-up mechanic.

I participated in this jam as a game designer. I led the team during the jam and freed up some time to make a nice teamlogo, the splash screen and the bar icon.

Game made in collaboration with: Nathan van Nieuwenhuizen (programmer), Julius de Blaaij (balancing and UI), Maya Engel (music and sound design), Willem van Schaik and Michelle Avis (game artists).
Space Squids_ Race in Space 2020-02-02 16-38-03.mp4

Gameplay video

Logo, task bar icon and splash screen

Award ceremony - GGJ HKU audience award