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Boardgame design

Solo project

Graphic design

August - September 2019 schoolproject (4 weeks), boardgame

The assignment for this project was rather simple: design a boardgame and do it on your own.

The boardgame I made is a strategic race, whomever arrives at the last city first wins. To progress the players need to pass challenges that are on the road between cities, to get past these challenges heroes are required. These heroes are bought at the market. When a player tries to pass a challenge a dice roll + the stats of the used hero determine if the player progresses or fails.

This game is based on luck for a big part but can be played through multiple strategies. This makes it an ideal game for both children and adults to play together without the adult winning automatically because they can think up a better strategy.

For this project I created the full game design on my own. I did ask for help with the art, which was allowed, the illustrations on the cards were made by two game art students. The board I made myself using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and Adobe Photoshop.

Final product

Prototype playtests