Game design

Level design

Team lead

Game jam: 48 hours

Global game jam 2019 - January 2019

Theme: "What home means to you"

We started this gamejam with a brainstorm about the theme which resulted in a question: "What if, when you die, you turn into a ghost and some random person comes to live in your home?" Of course you wouldn't like that! The concept was formed around this thought.

The player goal in this game is to scare the new occupant of your home away by haunting furniture and other objects in the right order.

I participated in this game jam as a game designer, I lead the team and did most of the level design. On Saturday evening I went by other jammers to test the first version of our game.

Game gemaakt in samenwerking met: Max Willekes en Stijn van Deijzen (programmers) en Joyce van der Zon, Sara de Rooij en Daan Lucas (game artists).

One minute game trailer

Trailer made by Joyce van der Zon

Tutorial screen

Art by Sarah de Rooij

Game still level 1