Game design

Level design

Unity tile editor

Mobile game

April - June 2020 School project (8 weeks), mobile game.

Geck is a 2D platform climbing adventure game. The player can climb onto anything and let go at any moment to jump. The main character is a gecko that gets abducted by a bird of prey at the start of the game. After escaping the bird's claws, he travels the world to return to his family. This demo contains two levels: the desert and the jungle.

For this project the game design was created together. I designed and created the jungle biome and part of the deciduous forest and gecko home cave biome in the Unity tile editor. I also programmed a couple of small features such as picking up the flowers (collectibles) and the menu of the game.

Game made in collaboration with Joeri Ridder, sounds and music by Nino Saglia

Game .exe en APK

The demo is playable and can be downloaded below. The APK can be installed only on android phones.
For pc download the entire folder and unpack it, then run the .exe that is in it.

Controls on PC:
Arrowkeys to move
to let go of whatever you are holding onto (the wall or ceiling).

gameplay trailer_metsound.mp4

one-minute impression

Game design document

Game Design Document - Joeri Ridder and Mirna van Steenbergen