Game design

Dialogue writing


Serious game design

February - March 2020 Schoolproject (8 weeks), game prototype

Client: Ethics institute Utrecht University

This project started with questions/a broad theme from our client: What will be the role of science in the future? What are the ethical aspects of upcoming technologies?

This project started with a one week game jam (5 full days). The result of this gamejam was a first prototype made in Ren'py. We then had 7 more weeks to expand on this prototype.

Bodymodshop is a game set in the future. The player owns a shop that sells body modifications and biohacks. The player needs speak with costumers about what they want and then decide if they will help. When a day is done the news plays. The news shows the player the consequences of their decision and gives some insight into the story world.

For this project the game design was mostly done as a team in the first week. I made the Ren'py prototype during the gamejam that you can find at the end of this page. I wrote all the dialogue for this game.

Game gemaakt in collaboration with: Cindy van Minnen; game artist, Reinier Maartense; game programmer en designer (mini games), Marit de Lange; character artist and Marieke Groothuis; Interaction designer.

Gameloop from the player perspective (I'm sorry it is in Dutch)

Illustrations by Cindy van Minnen en Marit de Lange

Playtest with the Ren'py prototype

Screenshot from the game

Ren'py prototype